Welcome to Viney Plumbing & Building Maintenance

Viney Plumbing and Building Maintenance was established in 1986 to provide plumbing and building maintenance services to a number of private, corporate and government clients.


At Viney Plumbing and Building Maintenance we understand that for your organisation or business to run efficiently, it is essential to have water and drainage infrastructure you can rely on.

We are dedicated to working in partnership with our clients, to provide a service tailored for their business and building needs, and assist in maintaining their infrastructure systems to ensure compliance and continuity.


At Viney Plumbing and Building Maintenance we understand the importance of communication with our clients, as it enables those involved to be informed of the situation at hand, and to be assured that any issues occurring are being dealt with as efficiently and professionally as possible.


We offer emergency response with dedicated plumbers on call,

24 hour call outs, 7 days a week, 365 days a year service.



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